Robotics class
Online School

  • In-depth study of physics, mathematics and computer science

  • Getting to know the professions of the future in the field of robotics, electronics and IT

The course was created with the support and participation of the Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics, as well as leading experts in the engineering field of education

The Foundation provides support to specialists in the following areas:

  • education and advanced training

  • increasing the prestige of the profession

  • support of talented promising specialists

What awaits you in the class?

  • Here you will master an in-depth program in physics, mathematics and computer science

  • You will understand the key principles and concepts of robotics, combining mechanics, electronics and programming

  • You will master the basics of programming in C and Python.

  • You will study the principles of design, modeling and prototyping of mechantronic devices.

  • You will create your own engineering projects under the strict guidance of mentors from MIEM, which can be applied in areas such as robotics, production automation, medicine, transport and others

  • You will be able to take part in the All-Russian Olympiad “Highest Test” and in the Moscow Pre-Professional Olympiad for Schoolchildren


hours of physics, mathematics and computer science


hours of work on the project


students in the same class


admission of graduates to leading universities

Teachers and curators

Leading teachers of the Moscow State Institute of Electronics and Mathematics, specialists in the field of engineering and programming!

Anastasia Vladimirovna

  • PhD in Chemistry

  • Three times laureate of the competition “100 Best Graduates of UrFU”

Evgeniy Sergeevich

  • Master of Teacher Education

  • Prepares winners and prize-winners of the All-Russian Secondary School and the Scientific and Practical Conference

Ekaterina Sergeevna

  • Head of Curator Service

  • Master of Teacher Education, USPU and Higher School of Economics2

  • Leading teacher of personalized education since 2019

Panyushkina Ksenia Mikhailovna2

  • Deputy Director for Organization of Educational Activities

How does training work?

Convenient and modern
online platform

Lessons are held on the SberClass platform. You study where there is Internet. Watch a short video

  • 3 dives into the topic
    You choose your own levels of study

  • Conscious approach to learning
    Learn to set goals and achieve results

  • Unique tasks
    Answers cannot be found in the GDZ

Study plan

Classes will be held three times a week:

  1. Chemistry — on weekdays after 14:00 (Moscow time)

  2. Biology — on weekdays after 14:00 (Moscow time)

  3. Career Orientation — Saturday at 8:00 a.m. (MST)

Certificate of completion

Graduates of the Medical Class receive a certificate from the Corypheus Online School, which can be used to supplement their portfolio

State benefits

Tuition can be paid for with maternity capital, and you can also use a tax deduction against the personal income tax paid

Who helps the student in the Class?


  • Will tell you how to work with the platform

  • Report news and talk about upcoming events

  • Reminds the student about upcoming lessons and deadlines

  • Supports in developing communication skills

  • Teaches you how to set goals and achieve them


Start getting acquainted with the world with the Profile Robotic Class!

8th grade

  • 2 hours of chemistry per week

  • 2 hours of biology per week

  • 1 hour “Career Guidance” per week

$ 950

9th grade

  • 3 hours of chemistry per week

  • 3 hours of biology per week

  • 2 hour “Career Guidance” per week

$ 1200

10th grade

  • 4 hours of chemistry per week

  • 4 hours of biology per week

  • 2 hour “Career Guidance” per week

$ 1400

11th grade

  • 5 hours of chemistry per week

  • 5 hours of biology per week

  • 2 hour “Career Guidance” per week

$ 1500

What do our graduates say about us?

Denis Ryabin

Graduate of the Corypheus gymnasium in 2016. In 2022, he graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of PSPbSMU named after. acad. I.P. Pavlova. Biology tutor, online course developer. Prepares high-scoring students entering top medical universities.

Hello! My name is Denis Ryabin, I am a graduate of the Corypheus gymnasium. In 2022 he graduated from the First St. Petersburg State Medical University. acad. I.P. Pavlova with a degree in General Medicine. Now I work as a resident doctor in the direction of “Anesthesiology and Reanimatology”.
I really like medicine: it creates responsibility, provides a field for self-realization and the embodiment of your creative potential.
I highly recommend connecting your life with medicine and following this interesting path with the Corypheus Online School!


  • What is needed to start online learning? What equipment?
    — laptop or candy bar
    — microphone or headset
    — headphones, tablet and stylus are welcome
    — stable Internet

  • How can I track what my child is learning?
    You will have parental access to the learning platform. You will be able to see all of your child's work, feedback from teachers and progress in developing life skills. In addition, the Corypheus Online School has created a Care Service, the functions of which include monitoring the educational process and weekly reporting to parents on the dynamics of the child’s success.

  • What is the duration of training in a specialized medical class?
    Training in a medical class is carried out from grades 8-11. You can start training at any time, but you must have the appropriate level of knowledge and skills

  • What are the requirements for students to enter the Profile Medical Class?
    Knowledge of Biology and Chemistry subject programs at the level of the Federal State Standard. An advantage will be given to those who have previously studied the subjects in depth and participate in the Olympiad movement
    Before admission, you will undergo mandatory testing

Ready to start learning?

  1. Fill out the application

  2. You will receive a detailed description of the program and access to testing

  3. Based on the test results, we enroll in the specialized class.